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Shenzhen Boda Construction Group Co., LTD. was established in 1996 with registered capital of RMB 110 million, which is professional group enterprise integrating design and construction in one. This company is a group enterprise with the qualifications of Class I in Building Decoration Construction, Grade A in Design, Class I in Integrated Design and Construction of Building Curtain Wall, Class I in Building Intelligent Professional Engineering Contracting, Class A in Professional Contracting of Electromechanical Equipment Installation Project, Class I in Professional Contracting of Stadium Facility Project, Class II in Professional Contracting of Steel Structure, Class II in Professional Contracting of Metal Doors and Windows Project, Class III in Landscaping, Qualification of External Contracting Project and Class II in Security System. The company has passed the certifications of the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, the ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System and the GB/T28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The company has received the titles of the [Top 100 Enterprises] of Chinese Decoration Industry, the [Top 100 Enterprises] of Chinese Building Curtain Wall Industry, the [Enterprise Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises] in China, the [Enterprise Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises] of Guangdong Province for twelve years in a row, the [Enterprise Keeping Quality Commitments and Having Honest Operation] in China, the [Top 10 Enterprises] in the industry of Shenzhen, the [China Famous Brand Enterprise], the [AAA] Bank Creditability Enterprise, the [AAA] Creditability Enterprise of Chinese Building Decoration Association, and a Member Unit of the Managing Director Committee of China Building Decoration Association.
       Our company has already adhered to the instructive principle of “Establishing One Monument for Implementing Each Project” by careful design, exquisite implementation as well as strict and scientific management, the projects constructed by Boda Company have received high praises by the owners and the industry. In recent years, the company has received many decoration prizes on national, provincial and municipal levels, for instance, the “Decoration Project of the Office Building of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee” and the “Interior Decoration Project of the Hunan Mobile Hub” received the Luban Prize, the “Decoration Project of the Yitian Changchun Jingyue Garden Hotel (Changchun Sheldon Hotel)”, the “Shenzhen Yitian Westin Hotel”, the “Zhangjiajie Sunshine Garden Hotel” the “Convention Center of Huquan Hotel”, the “Renovation Decoration Project of Yunnan World Expo Garden Hotel” (the ones above are in five-star), the “Yitian Holiday Plaza”, the “People’s Hall of Hunan Province”, the “Office Building of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Hefei Branch”, the “Decoration Project of Mall City Commercial Center and Its Podium Building”, the “Curtain Wall Project of Tower A of Stage I of Tianjin Jiuce Base”, the “Decoration Project of the VIP Area of Kunming New Airport Terminal”, the “Curtain Wall of the Dilapidated House and the Shanty Town Transion of the G Area of Pengjiawan in Huaguoyuan”, etc. received the National Building Project Decoration Prize, the “Fitting-out Works Project of the Hall of Longgang Cultural Center”, the “Decoration Project of Xinyijing Commercial Center”, the “Shenzhen Chicago International Hotel”, the “Decoration Project of Sichuan Tennis Center Hotel”, the “Expansion Project of Zengcheng Stadium”, the “Building, Decoration and Installation Project of Langlang Music World”, the “Decoration Project of Gaofa West Bank Garden”, etc. received the provincial-level Decoration Engineering Prize, these project have realized 100% of qualified rate and 100% of satisfaction rate, and received high praises from the owners of peers in the industry.
       The company has a professional and highly-efficient team with abundant experiences and the ability to tackle difficult tasks; has a batch of senior engineers, craft artists and interior designers in various fields; 52% of the management personnel have medium or senior professional titles, the company has a batch of professional technical construction and design personnel in the fields of interior decoration, curtain wall, electro mechanic, intelligence, fire prevention, environmental art, structure, water and electricity, as well as advanced and complete equipments. Our company sets foot in domestic market, faces the international market, strengthens enterprise management, establishes reputation with quality, s performance with management, obtains people’s heart with service, develops a school of our own in the industry and becomes a model of studying in the industry.
       The various types of decoration projects implemented by the company are extended all over China, including star hotels, high-end office buildings, large public buildings, malls, news and movie buildings, bank and securities buildings, garden villas, entertainment centers, spa centers, curtain walls, etc., in which the five-star hotels include the Shenzhen Yitian Westin Hotel, the Zhangjiajie Sunshine Garden Hotel, the Yitian Changchun Jingyue Garden Hotel, the Yunnan Huquan Hotel, the Yunnan World Expo Garden Hotel, the Xi’an Sofitel Hotel, Kungang Building, etc.; the large malls include the Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza, the Jilin Fortune Plaza, the Shenzhen Xinyijing Commercial Center City, the Shenzhen Mall City Plaza, the Henan Zhengzhou Jiamao Shopping Plaza, the Walmart Department Store Mall, etc.; the high-end office buildings include the Office Building of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, the Production Dispatch Center of China Mobile Yunnan Company, the Hub Building of Hunan Mobile, etc.; the public buildings include the Kunming New Airport Terminal, the South Station of Guangzhou Rail Station, Shenzhen Longgang District Cultural Center, the Ganju Theater, the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, etc., the financial-type buildings include the China Merchants Bank Anhui Branch, the Business Lobby and Office Area of Chinese Mercantile Bank Shenzhen Head Office, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, China Construction Bank Shenzhen Branch, Dislocation Project of Development Bank Shandong Jinan Branch, the Office Building of China Merchants Bank Hefei Branch, etc.; the stadium-type buildings include the Stadium of Yunnan University, the Athletic Field of Wenling City, the Project of Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis Court in the New Campus of Fuzhou University, the Chongqing Shangbang Golf Court, the Zengcheng Stadium, the Dragon Boat Competition Court  of National University Games in Zengcheng, the Stadium of Yuexiushan in Guangzhou, etc.; the curtain wall-type projects include the Curtain Wall Projects of Tower A/B of the Stage I Project of Tianjin Jiuce High-tech Industrial Base, the Curtain Wall of Dilapidated House and the Shanty Town Transion of the G Area of Pengjiawan in Huaguoyuan of Guiyang City, etc., the electromechanical and building intelligence projects include the interior electromechanical and cleaning project of Lanya (Hefei) Technology Co., Ltd., the intelligent installation project of Shenzhen Haifu Hotel, the intelligent installation and renovation project of Huquan Hotel, etc.
       For over ten years, the entire employees of the company has adhered to the spirits of “Honesty, Devotion to Work, Pragmatism and Innovation”, set foot in Shenzhen and faced the entire China, established branches in over fifty provinces and cities, including Beijing, Yunnan, Anhui, Guangxi, Henan, Xiamen, Shandong, Hainan, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, etc., and obtained supports from local governments, and achieved glorious performances. Facing the current situation when fast developing new technologies, new equipments, new materials and new processes are widely used in building decoration projects, we are using the most acute thinking, the toughest perseverance, the most exquisite design, the best-quality service and the excelsior professional sprit and the management principle of continuous improvement, we have the full confidence of living up to the high praises and expectations from the users and the industry, and creating new glories!

       The soul of Shenzhen Shenzhen Boda Construction Group Co., LTD. is to “Make Clients Happy!”

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